Still loving RIFT

Still loving Minecraft

Path Of Exile is AWESOME!

Diablo 3 … is AWESOME … i mean is likely to be AWESOME 🙂

I decided to pass on SWTOR after trying it for a month, I’m just not geek enough.

Final Fantasy 14 started charging? Really? I stopped playing until their new interface launches this year.

Syndicate Demo came out … for PS3 and XBOX 360 only. I refuse to learn to play
shooters on a console. However, this game looks amazing. I will pick it up on PC
when it comes out on February 21st … even if i have to sell some old games for
dirty cheap. Anyone want to buy Final Fantasy 13 for $30?

It still bothers me that EA’s excuse for not making a PC demo was we wanted
to soley work on the PC game and not a demo so it can be even better for the users.
Does this mean they do not care about the console experience? probably not.
It almost sounds like the PC version sucks so bad they can’t bare lose money
on it by offering a demo to see how crappy it is. We get to buy it to figure that out.

This is likely the delay to add their latest verion of DRM for the PC version.
This must be the ‘experience’ they are talking about.

My kid has morphed into a gamer. I’m not sure if this should concern me
or make me proud. He loves Rayman Origins and Little big planet and
Super Mario Brothers Wii. He also has a habit of sitting there on
mommies computer with headphones going at it hardcore in
games. This sure must be the mothers curse.

We are going to have to get a third wii mote AND PS3 controller … ug.