Got a Christmas tree.

Roads were narsty.

Friend got his jeep stolen, and returned with only a broken window.

Friend moved to cheaper hosting … this took my site along with it. Their 3 hours notice or
so I got due to a late BBM = bye bye old site. So one day I’ll have that fixed … one day.

Almost bought a new Jeep. Didn’t. Decided to live life of piety and give up 4x4ing.
I was only going to drive my gf’s car to work every day.

I Came to senses, got good financing. Ordering the Jeep this week, 2 Rubicon this time!

Should be arriving just as my lease expires. Along with no payments for almost 4 months = UPGRADES

This jeep shall have a stinger, a rear metal bumper, a WINCH and by god … a stinger.