WACOM Cintiq 24HD

I have wanted one of these since the year of our lord 1999
when they first came out and still used serial adapters.
The sad part is, if i could somehow now have a vehicle for
2 months I could afford it. Hilarious really, I don’t even draw much.

I think I shall promise myself that in the year 2015 I will buy
the current Cintiq BEFORE I buy any other silly vehicles etc.
I will have also replaced my guitar with a VMNTRIP Guitar.

I’m eagerly awaiting many games this year. Skyrim, Rocksmith,
Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, Torchlight 2,
Path of Exile, Bioshock Infinite, Deathspank the baconing.
I also have my FF14 and RIFT to contend with.

This is an unprecedented year for AAA games.
This year is complete CHAOS of games being released.
The holiday season will be very interesting for retailers … good god.

I friend Wes and I made a pact to post once a week and badger each other.
It’s rather sad when i look at this blog and see it dormant for 6 months at a time.

Maybe if I cancelled all these crappy social websites I’d have more to blog about.
I also hope that my new found blogging will also lead to posting SOMETHING on Deviantart again.

I miss drawing.